Monday, May 19, 2014

My trip to #Techlandia

The internet is a really cool thing. And not just the internet. iPads, Chromebooks, Google....

... Ok, so it basically breaks down to two things. Apple and Google make the internet worth internetting (or at least as far as I'm concerned). Which leads me to...


Originally a native part of iTunes back in 2005, and more recently bolstered by platforms such as Google Hangouts, the podcast has come a long way. They are no longer strictly audio, and capable of far more than the one-man one-mic style. There are a great number of educators out there putting on awesome shows. One such show is Techlandia.

Alison Anderson,  Curt Rees, and Jon "iPadSammy" Samuelson put on a very well-run, fun podcast. Streamed live on YouTube via a Google Hangout and posted as audio-only shortly after. I was stoked when they asked me to be on it (these are three people you should be following on the twitters if you aren't already).

Recently back from ASCD and recovering from the flu and bronchitis, here is my brief moment of internet fame on Techlandia...

Audio only on Podomatic:

YouTube recording of the live stream:

I am amazed at educators like Alison, Curt, and Sammy who take the time to connect folks in the way they do. Techlandia was a blast to be a part of and I can't thank those three folks enough for putting on such a high quality show, with plenty of laughs alongside learning. Good stuff.

If you haven't heard of or seen Techlandia, definitely check them out, it's time well spent.


  1. It was a pleasure to have you on, Chris. I hope our paths cross again soon in person. I need to get back east, or you need to get west. Keep doing those great things with your students, and we would love to have you on the show again.

    1. Thanks, Jon. Definitely have to cross paths again. Maybe the next iPad Summit...?

  2. Chris - Thanks for taking time to join us on Techlandia and then to share your thoughts here. As Jon said, we'd love to connect with you again.

    1. Any time, Curt. I had a blast. Very impressed with what you three have done, and are doing, with the podcast. Was a blast. Happy to do it whenever you need. Thanks!