Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adobe Voice - a quick #edapp review

Adobe recently released a new app, Adobe Voice.

It's subtitle is "Show your story."

And it's just that simple. Choose your photos. Record your audio story to match. Save. Publish. Share. Very simple, but very elegant and powerful at the same time.

Here is my first attempt at using the app...

That video took me about 3 minutes, literally, to make.

While Adobe Voice may lack in heavy editing features it is fantastic for putting together quick videos from your photo roll.

The upside?

  • easy to use
  • Insert Text
  • Import Camera Roll photos
  • Keyword search for clip-art style Icons
    • Creative Commons-licensed
  • 32 Themes 
    • various colors and textures for backgrounds
  • 6 Layout templates
    • photos only, photos and captions, two-column, etc
  • 30+ Music options 
    • 37 built in, but the app can also pull songs from your iPad's iTunes Library

The downsides? 

  • Can't export the finished product to the Camera Roll (or another app)
  • Only uploads to Adobe's site (can't add to YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Need an Adobe Creative Cloud account (free, but yet another account to manage)
  • Their embed code seems to be a bit wonky, and maybe it's more Adobe's hosting, but it seems to take an abnormally long time to load

The downsides aside, I think Adobe Voice has great potential.

  • Its very easy to use
  • Makes quality multi-media presentations quickly
  • Easy for student and teachers alike to do exactly what Adobe set out it, tell their own story

It's free. Free to download. Free to store on Adobe's Creative Cloud...

Definitely worth the download at that prince. Here is the App Store link: Adobe Voice

Tell your story...

Things happen pretty quickly in schools, Adobe Voice is a great way to snap some photos to document what you are doing, add some brief descriptive narration, and easily share to your students, parent, or community at large.

I'm looking forward to playing around with it some more, really seeing how creative and detailed the final products can be. 

Going to put it in some student hands too, let them really take it for a spin...

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