Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is The Casal OS?

Welcome to The Casal Operating System (OS).

What is The Casal OS? This blog is about my profession and how I view and shape the job I do and love,teaching; my experiences in the classroom, within the school, and general musings and observation regarding the educational field overall.

As I write this I am in my 8th year as a Computer teacher for the New York City Department of Education. I have taught both middle and elementary school. From a SURR (corrective action) school in Bed-Stuy to an A-rated school in Park Slope. I have a Masters in Educational Administration (School Based Leader), and Masters in Instructional Technology, as well as a Masters of Science in Teaching (MST) Grades K-6.

Between the various degrees, diverse school and neighborhood settings, countless students & colleagues, and all the things in between I have decided to document how I've gotten to where I am, the things that keep me going and push me to move forward, and the way I see education in this this era.

I've had a class website for years. My students have been involved in my site, classroom blog and wiki page as part of things work in my lab. Everything I've done online to this point has been for my students. This is the first time I've created a space for me, about my craft.

This is what makes me tick. This is what makes me run. This is my operating system.

This is The Casal OS...