PS10 iPads

PS10 iPads is the name given to the iPad initiative I previously facilitated at Public School 10, here in Brooklyn, New York.

Our initiative was getting an iPad in the hands of every teacher, a 1:1 program of sorts, for conferring, assessing, collaboration, and communication.

All classroom teachers had iPads. We were working to include all out-of-classroom staff as well, budget permitting. This would mean the Art & Music teachers would have iPads for demonstrating lessons and adding a technological element to their instruction. Support teachers, such as speech and academic intervention, would be able to go to the students, pushing in to the classrooms instead of pulling the students out of their environment for additional support.

Our goal was to have all staff members on iPads. The New York City Department of Education is requiring more and more teacher data collection, increased teacher use of online data systems, and ever increasing memos and paperwork. Our goal was to minimize the paper and maximize the teacher's ability to keep up on City compliance issues by being mobile and digital with their iPads, thereby allowing more time for what is truly important, student instruction.

As part of our initiative we created shared resources for the staff: - the training and professional development site - shared online bookmark group for collaboration
(PS10 also uses Dropbox and Google Apps extensively so sharing, collaborating, and "paperless" communication)

Feel free to stop by the PS10 iPads wiki or Diigo group anytime to see what we are up to and join in the iPad learning process...