Monday, November 7, 2011

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

1:1 iPads - Implementing a Teacher 1:1

A teacher 1:1 program is a great way to test 1:1 implementation plans & best practices and get staff buy-in for student devices before a large student 1:1 investment - an upcoming post will look at the apps most used by teachers...

Beginning in September 2010 at Public School 10 we implemented a 1:1 iPad program. This 1:1 program is teacher based. Most 1:1 programs are student centric and involve large investments & rollouts of devices. Our 1:1 teacher program allows us to test the feasibility of a 1:1 program from a budget, practice, and practical stand point before making the full scale investment in a student 1:1 program. Teacher buy-in a a must for any program, and what better way to get teacher buy-in on iPads than to issue iPads to them first...