Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thank you, #ISTE2015

That's it. It's over. I'm riding the rails outta town. Philly, you've been amazing. Thank you for the hospitality.


ISTE? You are my hero.


This was my first ISTE experience and it was everything the hype said it would be. I've long been a member of the #notatISTE crowd, but this year I had the good fortune to see it live.


Tons of great sessions.

Tons of places to meet and connect.

Great events to unwind and socialize.

Unfathomable amounts of incredible people sharing awesome stories of the amazing things they are doing in schools.


My brain hurts. In the best way possible.


Thank you, ISTE.


Thank you to all the friends I got to see again, and all the new people that are no longer strangers. Thank you Philly for hosting. Thank you all.


At some point there will be a longer reflective blog post, or four. But for now I just needed to say thank you.


Thank you, ISTE and everyone I had the great fortune to interact with. It was an amazing experience.


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