Thursday, February 6, 2014

The PalmOS is all I need

No. It's not. While the Palm OS was in many ways ahead of its time, it is currently the furthest thing from what I need.

But as I was looking at a PalmOne Tungsten E2 recently (yes, recently... dug up from a supply closet during an inventory audit) it got me thinking about tech, the evolution of tech, and the frequent resistance of users to adopt new technologies.

But I'm glad it's not just in education...

I saw this Nike golf commercial recently and it made me chuckle:

Seems the white-knuckle hold on previous device iterations is not exclusive to education and instructional technology.

I suppose the takeaway is progress happens no matter what, no matter where, regardless of industry. Don't fight it -- embrace it. Because one day, your favorite new technology will be the next generation's obsolete antique...

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