Friday, February 7, 2014

We tweet @PS10Brooklyn. A lot.

This post was originally written as a resource for parents on how the staff & students use Twitter as part of the instructional day. It originally appeared on the PS10Tech blog

Tweeting @PS10Brooklyn has become a core component of many classrooms. It has been great to see teachers, students, and parents alike embrace the power of Twitter as a communication, collaboration, and connection tool.

For example, @MsKertesz in the 4th grade has used Twitter to connect with a class in Liverpool, England. They do weekly Skype sessions and our 4th graders have developed a great working partnership with their English counterparts. Without Twitter these two classes, separated by an ocean, would never have connected.

Twitter has also gotten PS10 recognition outside of New York City...

One of the largest educational technology conferences, FETC, is an annual event drawing thousands of educators from all over the world to Orlando, Florida, to share and learn together. PS 10 was invited to present our use of social media, Twitter in particular, to the attendees at the conference. Here is the slideshow from that presentation:

What do we tweet?

@PS10Brooklyn tweets out news and information related to school, but also retweets a lot of the great work teachers are tweeting from their classrooms.

At it's core, Twitter @PS10Brooklyn allows the community as a whole a real-time glimpse into the classroom learning environments. It also allows us to share the great work and successes of our students in a global, meaningful, and authentic way.

Social media is here to stay. Twitter is growing platform. Here @PS10Brooklyn we want to be at the forefront of technology and teach our students proper digital etiquette. The best way to do this is to model appropriate and positive use of digital tools. Tweeting with PS 10 is the best way to model the powerful good social media, and Twitter, can bring to the instructional environment.

Check out all the teachers who tweet:

Not on Twitter? No worries! Follow our hashtags here: - general school tweets - student work specific tweets - student written tweets

Feel free to email, or tweet @PS10Tech with any questions.


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