Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perspective is an interesting thing

In life we tend to get use to seeing things a certain way. We expect things we see to look & act the same, the way we're use too, all the time. Sometimes, however, it is possible to look at things differently. Looking at things differently, from different angles or with a different mindset, is called perspective.

I found this great video that I think demonstrates the importance of perspective.

That, is perspective.

Yes, it is an illusion. But I think it's also a great way to look at things differently. Sometimes what we see isn't always what we expect. And sometimes the unexpected is easier to explain than we think. An open mind is the key.

I've shown this video to my students and they love it. We've had great discussions about how are minds work and how we sometimes need to see things from a different perspective to get the full picture.

Enjoy the video, and always keep perspective...

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