Friday, March 23, 2012

SketchBook Pro for iPad - on sale!

Takeaway: A great app recommendation, currently discounted, from the art teacher, Joe Peterson, here at P. S. 10... 

Mr. Joe, as he is known, has already maxed out a 16 GB iPad and is on his way to maxing out his 64 GB (not sure what we'll give him when that happens...). He is not only an art app connoisseur but he uses his iPad throughout the day for demonstrations, tactile interaction, as an overall added resource to a traditional art classroom. He usually ends the day with about 27% of battery life left...

Mr. Joe said:
SketchBook Pro for iPad - An incredible sketching app with lots of versatility and great reviews. Definitely one of my favorites. It is on sale now for $1.99 (down from its usual $4.99) for any of you interested in a feature-rich drawing application.  The "lite" version, Sketchbook MobileX, is free, so you can give it a test drive first of you like.

SketchBook Pro

From the iTunes description:
Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad is a professional-grade paint and drawing application. Using the same paint engine as its desktop counterpart, SketchBook Pro delivers a complete set of sketching & painting tools through a streamlined and intuitive user interface designed exclusively for the iPad experience. 

Whether you are an occasional doodler or a professional illustrator, SketchBook Pro transforms your iPad into the ultimate digital SketchBook.

A $3.00 discount is pretty hefty and Autodesk is a well known developer of design software so it looks like a very solid investment. I'm downloading it now...

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