Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh, my iPhone woes...

Last week I wrote about my dead iPhone and how I was happy to be phoneless.

I was happy. Technically, I still am happy. Although today it's more annoyed.

In the immortal words of Paul Harvery, and now, the rest of the story...

I went in to Verizon Wireless at 7pm last Wednesday. They confirmed my phone was dead and put in for a replacement to be shipped to me. They were honest that since it was late in the day so I probably wouldn't get it until FRiday. No worries. Thursday around noon my replacement shows up. Way to go Verizon!

Fire up the replacement and I get:

(photo credit:

I figure it can't connect because I'm at work and we are behind a proxy server. No worries, I'll do it at home.

At home, on my Verizon DSL I fire up the replacement and get:

(photo credit:


No worries, still undaunted. I shut down the phone and I open my MacBook Pro, which my previous phone was synced to and plug in this new one. It fires up and I get:

(photo credit:

Notice a trend...?

Long story short (too late?), Verizon is sending me another new one. Should be here tomorrow. Almost a week without a phone. Aside from the annoyance of spending hours on the phone trying to resolve this, not having a phone is still not that bad. My life is pretty well synced and backed up across my devices and the only thing I haven't done since my phone died is check Facebook... so it isn't bad at all...

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