Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everything Butt Art - Learn to draw iOS app

I came across this interesting app, Everything Butt Art (iTunes link) thanks to Mashable.

It's a very cool little how-to drawing app that teaches the basics of drawing on the premise that everything starts out looking like a butt.

The app comes with 3 free tutorials and in-app purchase ability for up to 24 more (each $0.99).

Below is a quick video of the opening page and my first attempt at the Gorrilla.

The app has spoken instructions and a guidebok of how to draw, which also features a voice-over option (very nice for students who may struggle with reading).

A very nicely done app with basic free functions. Buying all the drawing tutorials would cost a pretty penny but the freebies & ability to free-draw are enough to make it a worthy download, especially for those working with lower-grade students.

Click here for the iTunes page to download...

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