Friday, May 11, 2018

Comic Books: Thinking Outside the Presentation Box

For this year's LHRIC Tech Expo I presented some of our work around comics books and graphic novel style projects using Google Slides and Google Drawing.

The session was more a conversation and less a straight slide deck guided talk. The slides I did use are below, but they were more to spark discussion about the content areas we used to integrate, grade levels (2nd and 3rd grade primarily at this point), ideas for the future, and so on.

The slide deck contains a few examples of how we mix real images with Google Drawing created characters as well as how we tweak the notion of a comic book or graphic novels where we don't always use fixed panels on a page.

There are a few more related blog posts about this concept and how we use Slides and Drawings in different ways in the K-5 setting. Search my blog for "comics" to see the other posts.


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