Monday, September 18, 2017

My toughest day as a teacher - part 2

A few years ago I wrote about my toughest day as a teacher. The first day of school. The first day of my daughter going to Kindergarten. The original post is here.

September 5th 2017 was the second toughest day. My son started Kindergarten. Big day for him. Big day for my daughter too, she started 2nd grade. We have moved out of Brooklyn to be closer to where I teach. One of the biggest benefits is my kids can attend school in the district where I teach. It's an awesome district and I am grateful for the opportunity for my kids to experience it.

It means my son starts Kindergarten and my daughter starts 2nd grade. New house, new town, new school. Lots of new things...

I am not upset by this, I think it's awesome, it has been a great move for my family. My in-laws were in town to send the kids off and to pick them up. I was helping with dismissal in my own building.

So, while I don't get to experience those "first day" things like drop off and pick up, I do know that my kids are having a blast. I was where I needed to be, in my building for my students.

It was a great day. Year 15 of my teaching career. Son and daughter both in school. In-laws here to see the smiles.

My kids are ecstatic. They've seen their classrooms, they've met their teachers (who are both awesome). They are excited for the new adventure.

My colleagues, their teachers, are amazing. The building they are in is fantastic, the administration is great. The entire community of students and teachers is top notch. Couldn't have asked for a better landing spot for my kids after the wild ride of the summer and the move.

Two weeks in and they're still loving it. We made the right decision, the kids are happy, they love school... Not much more you can hope for...

It was a great first day. Going to be a great year.

All smiles at the end of Day 1!

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