Sunday, June 28, 2015

#ISTE15 or #ISTE2015 - View both in HootSuite

So many hashtags, so little time. How to keep multiple hashtags manageable on your iPad? HootSuite and a keyword column!


Have to give a big hat tip to Alice Keeler, the inspiration for this post.

She recently posted a similar title to her blog, "#ISTE15 or #ISTE2015 - View both in Tweetdeck" and it got me thinking... I'm not bringing a laptop to ISTE so how can I use HootSuite on my iPad to accomplish the same thing Alice describes, two hashtags in a single column stream...?


Here's how to do multiple hashtags in a single column on HootSuite for iOS...


Open Hoosuite on your iPad


Tap the "Home" button and the "Edit":


Once in "Edit" mode tap "Add stream"


You then have a few ways to add streams (Feed, Keyword, Search and List):


Choose "Keyword" to add multiple search terms. You can add up to 3 words or phrases:


I added #iste15 and #iste2015 and then tapped "Save":


Once you save your Keyword search it will be added to the bottom of your colums list:


Press and hold on the three lines to the right of the box to move the colum tho whichever position you would like (I moved it up to be the second colum, right next to my Home feed):


Now I can see tweets with both the #iste15 and #iste2015 hashtags in a singe column:


HootSuite on your iPad is a great way to keep track of all the tweets happening at ISTE, and being able to see multiple hashtag searches in a single stream or column makes it that much easier to keep up with it all.


Thanks again to Alice Keeler and her Tweetdeck post for the inspiration for this!


Enjoy #ISTE2015







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