Sunday, June 28, 2015

In anticipation of #ISTE2015

As I begin my journey to Philladelphia my head is swimming. ISTE has long been a conference I've wanted to attend but never could. In the past it always seemed to fall during the last week of school, a week I could never miss. This year it comes immediately as the school year ends.


A lot of my students go away to sleep-away summer camp. I never did as a child. The past few weeks I've heard countless tales of the bus rides, the cabins, the friendships, the excitement, tha anticipation. The fun. As ISTE has approached I started to feel much the same way. Eagerly awaiting the moment my train pulls away from Penn Station headed to Philly...


I think, at almost 40 years old, I'm finally getting to go to sleep-away summer camp. It's only 4 days but still, I'm going to camp. Camp for teachers. Camp for geeks. Camp for techies. Camp for eduphiles. Camp for the awesome. Camp for the eager to learn. I'm going to EdTech camp and I can't wait to get there.


At this point I don't know what sessions I'll check out. I may just stand in the middle of a hallway, head swimming with possibilities, and wait for someone to push me into a room. It'd be an adventure that way...


I do have the good fortune to be on a panel with two amazing educators, Elana Leoni and Joe Manko. If you're not doing anything Tuesday at 2:15 come check out our session "Creating a 140 Character Culture: Schoolwide Twitter Adoption."


I can't wait to get there and meet friends, make new ones, share knowledge, gain wisdom, and have a good time hanging with great folks.


ISTE 2015 here I come...



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