Monday, June 16, 2014

Taking Google Apps Data With You...

This post originally appeared on as a tutorial for 5th graders who were graduating and leaving the school but wanted to take their Google Apps data with them.

5th graders,

Over the last few years you have created quite a lot content here at PS 10. Between your classroom and the computer lab you have produced a lot of great work.

In the last year everyone has been using Google Drive to create and store projects.

Here is how you take it all with you:

Think of it like this, once you graduate you leave your desk behind but pull out your folder or work and take it home. This is the same idea. You leave behind your digital desk, your account, but you can pull out your work and take it with you...

Transfer your all your data at one time

  • At home
    • Login to your account
    • Go to Google Takeout and create an archive of all of your data
    • Download your archive when it is ready (it may be a large file depending on how much data you have created while here at PS 10)
    • Log out of your account
    • Create a personal Google account or log in to an existing one (can be a parent's, etc)
    • Upload/import your archived data to your new account
If you do not have an existing Google account and are not able to create one, that is ok! Use the Takeout directions above to download your data to your home computer. You can upload it to an account at any time.

Please note: This only takes items you own, not items "Shared with me" in your Drive

Download all Drive files, including those in "Shared with me"

  • At home
    • Login to your account
    • Go to Drive 
    • Select the check box above your first file
      • this will select all of your files in your Drive
    • Go to the More menu just above your files
    • Choose Download
    • When the pop-up appears you have two choices, Selected items and All items
    • Choose All items to download everything, including items in "Share with me"
    • A .zip file will download to your computer
    • Open the .zip file and you will see every file from your Drive
    • Log out of your account
    • You can keep those files on your computer or upload them to another, personal, Google account
    • Here is a short tutorial video:

You are not able to "share" with a personal account and save the files. Google does not let Drive files change ownerships outside of a domain (can't make an account the owner of something created by an account)

Transfer Google Sites

If you have more than one Site you will need to do the following steps for each Site
  • At home
    • Log in to your account
    • Go to the homepage of your Site ( - click on your Portfolio)
    • Click the Share button in the upper right hand corner of the site
    • Share the site with your personal Google account
      • make sure to select "Is Owner" when sharing
      • make sure to uncheck "notify by email" option
      • when asked if you want to share with a user outside your domain, say Yes
    • Copy the web address of the site (at the top of the Sharing and Permissions window you are in)
    • Log out of your account
    • Log in to your personal Google account
    • Paste the web address of the site into the address bar of your browswer
    • Click the Gear icon in the top right corner
    • Select Manage Site
    • Select General from the left-side navigation list
    • Click Copy this Site link in the middle of the General settings
    • Enter a new site name, (can be the same name as you are currently suing since you are moving it to Google and away from PS 10)
    • Click Copy Site
    • Here is a short tutorial video

You need to have an existing Google account to copy your site too. If you do not have your own you can copy your Site to your parent's Google account.

The above directions are an adaptation of Google's official directions: Transferring Google Sites instructions

Transfer Blogger blog

  • At home
    • Go to
    • Log in with your account
    • Click on your blog name
    • On the left-hand side go to Settings
    • Look for Permissions and below that Blog authors
    • Click Add authors
    • Enter a GMail address other than your one (a personal one, a parent's account, etc)
    • Click Invite authors
    • Log out of yor account
    • Log in to the GMail account you just invited
    • Find the invitation email
    • Click the enclosed link
    • Click the Accept invitation button
    • Log out of this GMail account
    • Go back to
    • Log in with your account
    • Click on your blog name
    • On the left-hand side go to Settings
    • Look for Permissions and below that Blog authors
    • The new GMail user is listed as an Author
    • Click the Author button next to the GMail user you just invited
    • Change Author to Admin
    • Clcik the X next to your address
    • You have now transfered ownership from your account to the GMail account you invited
    • Here is a short tutorial video

Blogger - transfer Admin/Owner rights from Mr. Casal on Vimeo.

    • Happy blogging...

All accounts of graduating students will be deleted as of August 1st, 2014. Any data not transferred using the above steps will be lost after 8/1/14.

Let Mr. Casal know if you have any problems or questions.

Happy transferring!

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