Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DropItTo.me - a "must have" Dropbox add-on

Dropbox is amazing.

It is.

Google Drive is great, don't get me wrong. Apple's new announcement, iCloud Drive, seems like it could be killer too. But at this point, Dropbox is the king of cloud storage, in my opinion. It's easy, doesn't care about file formats, simple to share, easy to navigate. It's the market leader for a reason.

My favorite Dropbox add-on is DropItTo.me. DropItTo.me is a 3rd-party, web-based application that links to your Dropbox account.

Why is it great?

DropItTo.me gives you a custom URL where anyone with a web-browser can upload files to your Dropbox. They don't have any other access to your Dropbox, they just, quite literally, drop the item to you. No need to "share" files or folders in a traditional sense. No need for the other person to have a Dropbox account. DropItTo.me gives you an easy-to-use public URL where people can submit files to you directly. And it's free. Doesn't get better than free.

Why use it?

DropItTo.me is great because, much like Dropbox itself, it doesn't care about file formats. Once you grant DropItTo.me access to your Dropbox account (basically linking via API, you don't give DropItTo.me your Dropbox password - explanation here) any files can be uploaded to you. I've used it for hi-res images, movie files, large PowerPoints, etc.

Give out your custom URL to someone (you can password protect your URL, but you'll need to give that out to anyone who wants to drop you something) and let people start dropping files to you...

How it works

Direct someone to your URL in any browser. For instance:

They enter the password (this is an option, helps to prevent uploads form people you don't want uploading - give it out to the person you want dropping something to you)

They select a file to upload (up to 75 MB):

Click Upload.

Now you have that file in your DropItTo.me folder within your Dropbox. You can then create sub-folders and re-organize as you wish:

Just that easy

DropItTo.me is great for anyone who doesn't have an existing collaborative cloud solution, like Google Apps for Education, with students. It's a simple way for students to turn in file of any type and any size, from any computer connected to the internet. It's also a great tool to have at your disposal, even if you are a GAFE school, for times when parents or other colleagues outside your domain, want to get a large file to you. No need to email attachments, no need to share folders.

If you are a teacher who has a Dropbox account I can't recommend DropItTo.me enough. It's a huge benefit to allow people to turn files in to your Dropbox from any browser on any computer. No more "I couldn't email the file to you, it's too big" complaints. Just have them drop it to you...

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