Sunday, March 9, 2014

A week with an iPad keyboard

Anyone who knows me knows I'm staunchly against the physical keyboard accessories for the iPad. I laugh at the Microsoft Surface ads that tout their keyboard as a reasonn to buy a Surface over an iPad (they always fail to mention their keyboards are $200 additions too, not standard items). It's a tablet. Touch based. I've never understood the urge for a physical keyboard. I have an iMac and MacBook. Those have keyboards. Why does my tablet need one too?


I recently got an iPad Air. The only Air case we are able to purchase through school, other than a huge yellow rubberized one, is a Zagg Folio keyboard case. It's a case with integrated bluetooth keyboard.


I'm testing it out. Spending a full week using it.

Writing this post with it. Using annotation & drawing apps with this appendage. Doing all my beloved iPad work with this case.


I am skeptical. I love the tablet aspect of, well, tablets. I've always felt the strength of the iPad is in its size, weight, and lack of a physical keyboard.


But here we go, 7 days of having a physical keyboard physically appended to my beloved tablet.


Lets see how it goes...


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