Monday, January 30, 2012

iOS Photos to Dropbox

Takeaway - seemless uploading of iPad photos to Dropbox, just another reason to love Dropbox...

Dropbox is an amazing service/utility/app that allows you to store things in the cloud and sync all your files to local systems with Dropbox installed. For me it's the best of both worlds; cloud computing with access anywhere but with synced local files allowing me to work without an Internet connection.

But how to sync photos & videos I take with my iPad or iPhone...

There are many iPad apps for sharing photos but often times I'm taking pictures to use in larger professional development sessions and need them on a desktop for integration in a website, presentation, video, etc. the easiest way to get them anywhere is the Dropbox app itself...

  • Go to Uploads screen
  • Tap the +
  • Tap the photos you want to sync and choose a location

It's just that easy. 

The best feature is that uploads will continue even after you have exited the app, so longer/larger videos/photos won't prevent you from using other functions of your iPad. 

Thank you, Dropbox, for once again making my iOS life easier.

For more information check out Dropbox's tutorial

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