Monday, January 30, 2012

Extremely Amateur Economist - Re: teacher pay

 I hope the title stresses the point that I am in no way claiming to be any sort of economist.


I had a thought while waiting for my car to get serviced this weekend. Nothing like the smell of gasoline & motor oil to get the thought juices flowing....


... Instead of increasing teacher salary how about you do away with our taxes?


That's my big master plan. Keep my salary where it is and stop taxing me. It'll save me roughly $1,000 a month. And no, don't keep my salary stagnant forever, maybe up it .5% a year or some such, but I have a feeling taxes increase at a far higher rate than my non-raise in multiple years.


Yes, I realize paying no taxes will never happen but it just dawned on me that instead of the City/State having to worry so much about where to find money to pay teachers maybe they can worry less about paying us more and just take less from us... 


Just the thoughts of an extremely amateur economist, but feel free to steal my idea and implement it accordingly....

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