Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello, 2018! Here's what we've got to do...

Happy New Year!

Albeit a few days late. Historically I've never been the most prolific nor timely blogger, so I suppose I'm being consistent if nothing else...

It's a new year and everyone is always posting resolutions, goals to hit, mountains to climb (sometimes, literally and for very good reasons) and in general, things to put out there to the world.

I've never been good about a) making resolutions nor b) keeping the ones I do make. So I'm going to try a different tack in 2018. I'm making a list. A simply to-do list. This post is that list. I am going to keep adding to it and when I do things on the list I'll cross them off (and, when possible, link to the item).

So here it is, my personal to-do list for 2018...

  • write a resolution blog post
    • gotta give my self an easy win to start off...
  • write about educational influences
    • The Dropkick Murphy's and the inspiration I pull from them
    • The Jesuits, and their profound impact on me as a person and as an educator
      • Fr. Burshek SJ, Fr. Harrison SJ, Mr. Mueller to name a few
    • my childhood - and how, sometimes, growing up the child of an educator teaches you what not to do as a parent and educator... because there are often times footsteps that shouldn't be followed
  • build an app
    • for fun, to see if i can
    • maybe to make money?
      • one idea is a basic decision matrix that is serious, with a snarky humorous bent to get folks to think deeper about the edtech choices they make and why they make them
  • post my photos
    • I take a lot of pictures, I need to be better about sharing them
    • maybe sell them if people find them worthy enough to purchase

And a professional to-do list

  • document lessons and units better
    • more pictures and write-ups of the full process from introduction to finished student pieces
  • create more resources for students and teachers

Both of these are a work in progress, lets see how it goes...

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