Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My toughest day as a teacher

My toughest day as a teacher is today.

It's not my first day of school, we started last week.

It's not a new school, that was last year.

It's not a new content area.

It's my daughter's first day of Kindergarten.

This is my 13th year as a teacher. I always knew that when I had children I'd miss out on certain events in their school-aged lives because I had the same schedule as they do. Today, however, is the first time it is really hitting me.

I start at 8:45.

She starts at 8:50.

The timing just doesn't work.

Yes, I will take days off down the line for certain events but unfortunately the timing doesn't allow me to be there for her first day.

Thankfully my wife is able to take the day off and her mother, my daughter's Nana, is in town for the week to help with the transition.

Today is a great day because I am a teacher

I'm sure there are many parents unable to drop their child off and enjoy the first day experiences. I have no doubt I am not alone in missing out on certain milestones like this.

I am, however, grateful because I am a teacher. It puts my mind at ease.

I know from watching my colleagues that my daughter will have a great day. I've never met a Kindergarten teacher that wasn't warm and welcoming, especially on the first day. This year, since my school started before my daughter's, I paid close attention to the Kindergarteners on their first day. I saw the nerves, the concern, the excitement, the uncertainty on their faces. But I also say my colleagues, confident and reassuring, making that first day of K an awesome one.

My daughter is in Mrs. V's class. I don't know Mrs. V. but I have no doubt my daughter is in good hands and Mrs. V. is wholly capable of making my daughter's first day an awesome one.

There will be fear, there will be anxiety, there will be tears. But I have a feeling all that will come more from my wife and mother-in-law as they watch my daughter take that giant next step in life.

I am sad I cannot be there for my daughter. But as a teacher, as someone tasked with caring for the children of others, I have every confidence Mrs. V. will make Kindergarten an awesome experience for my little girl.

There will be tears, but I'm guessing mostly from those of us over the age of 6...


  1. Very beautiful and touching! I am always sad that I cannot drop off or pick up my angels on their first day as well! Kindergarten is a VERY special place!

  2. Nice piece, Nana told us she would be there to help BS