Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The paperless bulletin board...

As someone immersed in technology I find it very difficult to maintain a traditional bulletin board outside the computer lab.

I hate printing.

I especially hate having to print things like PowerPoints and Keynotes, presentations with moving parts such as animations & transitions. To print those completely loses what the students work so hard to create. Student blogs? No where close to engaging when  printed as they are in their natural digital environment.

I also see almost 600 students. To print that much paper, to filter through that many assignment, and to hang that much work is, well, it's not ideal...

In an effort to display all work, in the original context (or as close to it as possible) I am trying out a few things:

  • replacing my bulletin board with a 46" HDTV display to showcase student work
  • posting student work on my website & wiki
  • posting student Keynote videos on Vimeo

I am testing these different ways of posting in an effort to find the most efficient and effective.

Feel free to look at the different sources of student work and comment here with any feedback. I have never done a completely digital showcase of 600 student's work, what I have now will surely change and, hopefully, improve.

The effort to display all 600 student's work begins!

Feel free to comment with feedback & ideas!

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