Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 hours to download the S. F. Examiner

I just finished watching a two minute YouTube clip that just might the most accurate description of the newspaper industry ever.

It is a news report from 1981 about the San Francisco Examiner putting their paper "online."

My favorite parts of the video are, in no particular order...
... "2-3 thousand home computer owners in the San Francisco area"
... genius old school modem, hooked up to a rotary-dialed phone
... the home user in the story is actually noted, via graphic, as "home computer owner" - how genius is that.

The most interesting quote, to me, is the S. F. Examiner editor saying "it wont make us money."

It's interesting to see the full circle of digital newspapers. From an experiment, to money making division with ads and paywalls, now slipping back to revenue-less experiments in relevancy.

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