Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Should every teacher use technology?

Yes, technology should be used in every classroom.

Which technology? That, in my opinion, is up to the teacher. A teacher can use a laptop and SmartBoard to project lessons, student work, etc. Minimal technology as far as integration goes. Passive from the student standpoint.

Another teacher might have a website (a free Wikispace site) and a blog. They post homework, the students can post writing samples and help edit other's work. That is very engaging. Is it "in the classroom"? No. It's all after-school, at home engagement. It does, however, make this teacher look like they are integrating technology 100%. Engaging, no passive, involvement of both teacher and student.

Building a free website using a tool like Wikispaces.com or Blogspot.com is a good way to easily "integrate" technology into your class. Post homework, have your students contribute and edit pages, etc. It can all be done from home so it is not an issue if your room doesn't have computers/internet. It makes you a cutting edge, tech savvy, engaging teacher, without even needing a classroom computer. How's that for innovative?

You could also get some iPads, a laptop, projector, SmartBoard, teach with nothing but technology and have everything done digitally. I know teachers who aspire to and work towards a total digital classroom.

To each their own. Using technology in the classroom is only as effective as the teacher's ability and willingness to integrate it.

Start small and work your way up. No harm in using technology. Missing out on opportunities if you don't...

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